Creative Genius When it Comes to Saving Money

During this great recession the creative genius has come out in a lot of people when it comes to their money. Suddenly they are thinking of ways to save and spend less that are, quite frankly, just ingenious.

It’s not just a matter of shopping at a closeout sale for out of season stuff in order to save money. Most people would think this is obvious and do it already. But what if they don’t have your size? Most people would leave. I read about one genius shopper who buys clothes that “almost fit” and still gets the super huge discount (80% off!) and then takes the item to a seamstress to be altered to fit correctly. That is truly creative genius. You pay a little more for the altering, but the net result is that you spent a lot less on a great piece of clothing that you otherwise would have left on the rack.

How about those discounted items that are opened or damaged in some way? Most people who walk right by and ignore them. Sure you can get a full bag of fertilizer but when the broken bag hasn’t lost much product out of it and you can get the store to sell it to you for 30-50% less, you just got a great deal. You didn’t lose 50% of the product but you did shave off 50% of its price.

If the item is something like a piece of furniture and you could fix it, refinish it, etc, then you can take advantage of some incredible deals at stores. Don’t just settle for the marked down price, ask them for a further discount. You’re helping them to clear their store of a defect and you walk away with a great deal that you could fix up and sell or use in your home.