Saving Money While at the Store

During the recession many people have experienced that their salary, even though it’s still the same amount of money, is buying them less groceries. Getting by is harder than it used to be.
For some people this is just a minor difference, for other people it’s affecting their every day life. Whether you are in need of generating some spare cash or really need to focus on what you buy, these few tips will help you save money when doing your daily and/or weekly groceries.

1. Know what you pay for; compare prices.
This may sound silly, but the same product can be cheaper in another store close by.
If you need to travel a long way you must not forget to calculate the cost for you to get there and back. With price differences from a few cents up to a whole dollar or more, you can save up to $30,00 on your weekly groceries just by being picky where to shop.

2. Know what’s going on; buy groceries that are on sale.
Supermarkets have special discounts on certain items every week. It can be worthwhile to keep an eye out for flyers and folders of supermarkets to keep track of their discounts.
If you see a certain dish on sale, you can make a profit by buying that dish in that specific week.Please remind that certain food and drinks are always more expensive than others, even when they are on sale. You will want to avoid those or buy them once in a while as a special treat. You can save up to $5,00 per dish.

3. Keep it cool; buy in bulk.
When you are with a large family this is a handy thing to do. When you buy in bulk, the products you are buying will most likely be cheaper. Lots of food including vegetables, bread and meat can be frozen to keep them fresh for weeks to come. You can buy the product when it’s on sale and freeze a couple of portions of it for later use.

For example: a family eats chicken on a regular basis. The chicken breast filet is on sale for $4.99 instead of $6.99 and the family decides to buy in bulk (let’s say, 3 kilos) they will save $6.00 in the process. When doing this regularly with different items, the total easily adds up.

4. Resist temptation; make a shopping list
Some people find it hard to resist certain items when grocery shopping. Making a shopping list can help you with that. On top of that you are sure not to forget anything when you are at the store. Be firm with yourself and only buy whatever is on your list.

If you correctly follow all of these tips, saving money at the store should not be too much of a task. Just remember, if you do not need it then do not buy it. It really is as simple as that when you think about it. Good luck with your next trip to the store where, hopefully, this information will pay its dividends to you.